CCW Initial Request

5-Stage Initial Request Process

To ensure expedited processing, complete the process stage by stage.


Online Application


Required Documents


Psychological Review


Firearms Course Vendor


Licensing Authority

Stage 1 | Complete the CCW License Request

  1. Login or register for an account.

  2. Complete the online CCW License Request.

  3. Review the CCW License Process Packet.

    • Your packet will be received following completion of the CCW License Request.

Stage 2 | Upload All Required Documents

2A | Birth Certificate

A copy of your birth certificate or naturalization papers. Birth certificates can be obtained at

2B | Driver's License

A copy of your valid driver's license or state-issued identification.

2C | Two Proofs of Residence

Documents must show your full name and primary address, and be dated within the last 30 days (i.e. phone bill, utility bill, car registration).

2D | Three References

Contact information for your character references will be provided while completing the online CCW License Request form. Your Letters of Character Reference will then be obtained directly from your references.

2E | Military Discharge (DD Form 214)

If applicable, Military Discharge (DD Form 214) must be "Member 4" or "Service 2" and mention "Honorable" discharge. Form DD214 "Member 1" and forms indicating "Dishonorable" discharge may not be accepted. This form can be obtained at

Stage 3 | Psychological Review

  1. Schedule the psychological review with a Psychologist listed on the CCW Approved Vendors page.

  2. Bring cash or a credit card (checks are not accepted) for the psychological review fee.

Stage 4 | Safety & Firearms Course Qualification

  1. Contact a Department-approved Firearms Course Vendor.

  2. Bring a credit card, check, or money order for the course fees (fees may vary by vendor).

  3. Bring your CCW Certifications Form for completion by your Firearms Instructor. Only this Department-approved form provided in your CCW License Process Packet will be accepted.

Stage 5 | Final Review

After completing all stages, your CCW Package is submitted to the Department for the Final Review. The Department will contact you once the Licensing Authority has rendered a decision.

When your CCW license is issued, you will need to bring a check payable to the Department for the DOJ 2-Year licensing fee.

For identity verification and to protect your personal information, a google registered email is required to complete expedited CCW license requests.